Monday, August 17, 2009

the reality of partition

the new book of jaswant singh states that it was nehru and policies of congress which lead to the partition of india. he asserts that jinnah was actually considring fedral sysytem for india which nehru repudiated. jaswant singh has commended jinnah and quoted gandhi ji, where he branded jinnah a real nationalist. according to jaswant singh it was nehru and his congress party which continuosly denied jinnah and his thoughts, which incited jinnah to call for two nations. well whether jaswant's book reveals the truth about partition correctly or not, its debatable, but he certainly brought light on the decades old issue and has made us to think diffrently and look the course of partition through another angle.he also made it clear that british were not only responsible for the partititon of india but nehru and congress were equaly responsible.

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yehmeriduniahai said...

Well..may be jaswant singh put a light on the issue, still its a opinion of him and nothing more than that, but are we really in need of that discussions, what we left many years ago.
Jaswants scripts will be more valuable when we not only discuss it, but try to understand the fact which make a step further.