Sunday, August 23, 2009

ideology don't die

jaswant's expulsion sparked a new debate, people who does't associate themself to the bjp's philosophy are exited. They think now at last bjp is on decline. But is it true? Can jaswant singh affect bjp's strength? i have doubt on that, seriously i don't think jaswant was ever been a leader who could affect any one. just look at his profile he was considered big because he was closly associated with atal and advani and this trait gave him the honor. Also jaswant singh has never had a mass appeal or he was never seen as a mass leader. So if he goes out of bjp actually he is giving chance or creating a space for someone more energetic and dynamic person to take his post.
many member from the media faculty are predicting that now bjp is dieing and its ideology of one people and one india is bygone be so they should ponder and realize they were wrong. Should bjp do this? i don't see any point in it. bjp has evolved against all odds and became second largest party and the main opposition party due to its ideology only. So instead asking bjp to alter, its congress who should ponder upon how to take themselves ahead. Congress ruled on due to Gandhi Nehru dynasty, bjp is striving ahead on there ideology, men can die but thoughts can't die. They’ll remain there forever. So bjp can whither away but its ideology and thinking will remain there.

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