Thursday, August 20, 2009

congress and its hippocracy

in a time when country is facing a severe draught and farmers are helpless. government of india, in the leadership of congress party decides to raise minimum support price for paddy and essential dal. will this stop the sucides of the farmers in vidharbha or it will stop the flight of the poor people from the remote village of bundelkhand?. congress won the election in the name of aam admi but the policy it adopt after wining the election was anty common man. government raised the petrolium prices just it got the new delhi seat. it shows how the congress has cheated the aam admi. next what they did when prices of comodity gone up? they started selling dal by themself but kept theire mouth shut on hoarding. posibly what could be the reason. the answer is its congress men who are actually hording the comodity items and affecting the demand and supply chain. so isn't the congress fooling the aam admi? surely it is. we should know what congress is all about. its a party of those sycophants and selfish powerhungers, who at any cost want to be rulers. we all know they reign when british were there and still they are ruling. so a party whose ideaolgy changes with the mood of the masses, it surely not in the intrest of pure nationalist to keep them carry on there hippocracy.

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