Wednesday, November 16, 2016

“Everybody dreams but few actually write about them”

New Delhi, 31 August.

Recently British Council in the National Capital organized a workshop on creative writing attracting a number of enthusiasts and also some serious aspiring writers to enroll with it. Mohit Dixit is one such aspiring lad who talks occasionally but has a lot to tell to the world at large. He is a Young Management Graduate who likes to write online reviews for electronic gadgets and games. Now he wants to expand his reach and wants to become a professional critique and an established Ad-Man. Here’s what he spoke to our correspondent.

Q-What inspired you to enroll for this creative writing workshop with British council?

A-    Basically I don’t believe in the philosophy of inspiration at all, my story is like everybody’s story. Initially I was an introvert but a creative child. I was satisfied with what I had; I had a small circle of friends and used to talk less. But my mind was always occupied with ideas, thoughts and opinion. I have interest in many things together, say all aspects of life. I want to put forth my opinion of my experience about life but the lack of expression is what killing me. I was unable to bring out what actually went inside my mind. To overcome this obstacle which I deal every day in my mind I joined this workshop.

Q-Don’t you think Creative writing is more about writing than removing one’s spoken hesitation?

A-    It’s true. But for a guy like me who talks less and want to manifest his outlook about the world around him, writing can become an effective tool. Everybody dreams but few actually write about them and I want to be there in that special league of people who can write their dreams.

Q-What kind of writer you want to become?

A-    I would like to write about advertisement, brands and online content. I don’t want to become a novelist or rather a fancy literary giant. I just want to develop my skills so that I can write what I want to.

Q- Why don’t you like fiction or novels?

A-     Seriously I don’t want to become a novelist, but I really want to write short, very short. I find novels very boring; I can’t go on reading lengthy novels. Short stories are what I cherish. Like novels they also contain human emotions but at the same time they are crisp and short. I also like to check online articles, blogs, and features content, more than 200 words puts me off.

Q- Don’t you thing real challenge is writing fiction?  

A-    As I said before, I want to test myself with short writing, advertisement don’t need lengthy essays they challenge you to creatively write in short sentences or jingles. That’s the real challenge mind you. 

Q- Does the workshop have satisfied your need?

A-    It’s very early to respond about the workshop, but certainly we are moving in the right direction. I hope to get well versed with creative writing before I get out of here.

Q-How about your family, do they support you?

A-    I feel when I was a child i was not allowed to speak a lot or put my view on anything, I was sort of neglected, but they are supportive in terms of financing me. But they hardly pursue my likings, may be it is due to their humble background.

The tint of honesty is what Mohit wears. It is this eloquent quality which attracts other people to stay close to him. He has high hope from British Council’s Workshop; he believes this particular workshop will be his emancipator and catapult his personality completely. He believes one day he will be famous and will be globetrotting insanely.  Hope he takes me with him for conducting his first ever interview.