Thursday, May 17, 2012

Real face of SRK

Again he is in the news for yet another bad incident, Shah
rukh khan is having the most terrible days of his stardom. One after another story breaks and he is in the news for all the wrong reasons, getting the tag, what he never wanted, of a new face of arrogance and hate. Shahrukh never ever wanted this brawl to take much glare of media, which took place in wankhede stadium Wednesday night, shahrukh was not even prepared for the fiasco, as he was drunk and bombarding all the shit he could, he forgot that media was there to capture his mostly hidden personality. The real sharukh was in open, slamming security guards and stadium officials as if they were some kind of bad guys from one of his fancy movie. But sorry shahrukh in reality the constitution of India gives equal rights as you possessed from the law. Whatever shahrukh demonstrated out there in wankhede was typically middle class, as a middle class man would get drunk and will carry his kids to the party and then will for sure get into a brawl and will abuse others with so pure accent, that een in the presence of his own kids. Anyway it would have been nice if SRK would have abide by the stadium rules and regulations, this would have given his kid something for their future, a father’s tip for being good citizen’s. Instead khan’s kids learned, never to mention, the baddest and ugliest lessons of their life. Now a case has been registered against SRK after the MCA authorities formally lodged a complaint against him. Mumbai police will now question SRK, although shahrukh spoke out earlier on the day and cleared the air by saying it was the stadium staff which misbehaved with his kids, first and he retaliated only in defense of his kids. But he never regretted for his acts. Simply saying, shahrukh’s outbreak was just a glimpse of the rich and elite class’s attitude toward day to day rules and regulations which ever citizen have to follow, in india money can change various things and situations, we see every day how a wealthy man gets acquitted by the courts, even if he is charged in the gravest of the cases but the common man gets punished by the same courts for his least of faults. perhaps SRK was in same impression, but he didn’t realize that whatever he did was actually caught by the flashy cameras. SRK would be depressed and may be feeling low, not because he did shameful act in front of his kids, but was caught on camera perhaps.