Tuesday, August 25, 2009


We are the worlds largest democracy, we have all the fundamental rights in our constitution. Still we as a nation in whole dosn’t look like a democratic entity. After independence Gandhiji once suggested that the congress should be divided, so that congress doesn’t remain a single largest party but a system in which different ideologies and thoughts can coexist. But the then top brass of the congress party repudiated Gandhiji’s idea.

Later in the course of time we find many leaders taking there separate ways, going out of congress setting there own party and constructing opposition to the congress. Many leaders like shyama Prasad mukhergee ram manohar lohia and jayprakash narayan disassociated from congress and established there own idea and philosophy.

Past six decades congress party seen a lot of ups and down but successfully kept itself alive. There can be many reasons for this but what actually can be deciphered is that the opposition was not conclusive. In past only after indira Gandhi imposed emergency opposition was seen inclusive, but for a shorter stint. And later in early 90’s nation saw emergence of a new fraction which had totally different prospective, in fact this fire which rocked the whole country in the nineties was a hidden and repressed past which in a new form emerged out of odds. Bhartiya janata party became the first political entity to challenge congress directly and sabotage it. Bjp’s emergence sought congress’s decline. And still it continues to threat congress and its leaders.

The saffron league had an idea, which common man and middle class India linked easily. After the independence people didn’t see that commitment and discipline with which the saffron cadre moved. They had this conclusive ideology, which in the past no other political party could present to the mass. In fact it was a new beginning for the nation as whole, because first time the people who actually opposed congress and its policies got the new forum where they shared there views. So with this way of conclusive nature, bjp has a bright future.

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