Sunday, August 16, 2009

start by yourself

the time has come when we should look into our self and realize that all misdeeds are due to us. india after sixty two years of independence still finds itself trapped in the clutches of corruption and mismanagement. political parties are disintegrating our society and extending corruption into us, so that whole nation becomes corrupt and no one asks for good. this is a conspiracy of pseudo secularist.who want citizens to still act like sycophants. they just want to reign on us despite the fact that they always did. but in the course of history they showed the world there real faces many times. whether it was jawahar lal nehru, who for his selfish personal wishes divided whole india to become the first prime minister of india. he could have given charge to jinnah in terms of saving india but he did't. that shows how eager he was to reign us. his daughter indira gandhi who imposed emergency and distorted the constitution for hiding her sins. her sons both rajeev and sanjay are known for there big scams. sanjay misused her mothers powers and acted like tyron. rajeev on ther hand was more elitist, he stayed away from politics but was not less corrupt and criminal in personal. his real side was seen when bofors scam erupted. now his wife and children are presently ruling india and they are taking forward there ancestral legacy. when we'll get away from them, the gandhi-nehrus. only we can change this curse. we can stand together for fight against monastical politics. the day when we start electing people on the basis of work and honesty to the motherland only then india can emerge as a union.

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