Wednesday, August 19, 2009

bjp's real dispute

after the debacle in 2009 assembly election bjp has not come out of the shock. the party as whole could't understand its defeat and the reasons for the same. i don't see any reason for expeling jaswant singh from the primary membership of the party. rather the action looked to be very hard. jaswant's book did pointed qustions to the nehru and his congress party, but it did't directly qustioned patel's position. may be bjp needed a scapegoat or may be the top brass wanted to shift the attention on other irrelevant issue, so that no one qustions them about there leadership and put responsiblity of the defeate of 2009 election. the timing is also critical, bjp and its top leaders could have given jaswant singh some time to give clarification, but the haste they showed in ousting jaswant realy raises some serious qustions about them, is realy party stable? this the qustion which will still haunt the party and they will have to answer this.

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